Diet and other products in one vending machine

Relish by a touch - 
24 hours round-the-clock

The products are reserved for you as an operator.

Guaranteed quality and taste.

ENERGY-O-MAT is the innovation for any company that wants to offer its employees or customers a quickly prepared snack – whether it is a fitness studio, a large enterprise or a small office. Cold, freshly mixed, and figure-friendly fruit shakes and coffee to the highest enjoyment level.


Offer fitness and other products at the same time and thereby increase your target audience.

ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | Heiß- und Kaltgetränke in einem
ENERGY-O-MAT | Kaffeevariation
ENERGY-O-MAT | Eiweißshake
ENERGY-O-MAT | Kaffeevariation
ENERGY-O-MAT | Eiweißshake

The modern version of the snack

Recipe developed specially for ENERGY-O-MAT


The benefits for you as an operator are obvious!

Save money & space


Relish by a touch, fresh, fast & sugar-free. The most innovative product on the market that combines a protein vending machine and coffee machine. With ENERGY-O-MAT you reach all figure-, nutrition-conscious and/or sports-minded women and men. An extremely broad target group, which will be provided by you with the outstanding taste and the kick in between.


A concept that works.


Target audience


ENERGY-O-MAT is an extremely reliable purchase for an operator of »fitness studios and »sports clubs that have no bartender. 


Relieve your staff and provide your customers with an opportunity to buy a product after a work-out for regeneration or pleasure via the 24H centre.


Operators of »hotels, as well as »companies and »offices can also benefit from ENERGY-O-MAT. Besides first-class coffee and shakes, it offers perfect snacks for figure-conscious women and men.



  • Cashless payment is possible

  • Take advantage of our member card system. Software at no extra cost.

  • Diet drinks and non-essential drinks in different flavours from one machine

  • Everything is available in a ToGo option of up to 450ml

  • Fresh and ready in a matter of seconds

  • Relief for staff

  • Increase of daily sales of fitness and other products at low cost

  • Training by our expert staff

  • No hidden costs

  • Short cleaning a day

  • Constantly tested quality raw materials

  • Benefit from a patented brand


  • Payment with coins, banknotes or a member card system with a chip card provides you with 35% more sales as an operator

  • WIFI cost billing upon request

  • Individual connection to your studio system

  • Payment with Maestro or common credit cards (VISA, Mastercard) upon request

  • Anti-theft protection thanks to built-in cup dispenser

  • BIG Cup (450ml) for cold and hot drinks,

  • Available in the ToGo variant for busy customers


ENERGY-O-MAT is cleaned with produced hot flush at regular intervals. Hygiene has the highest priority.


Each Mixer is rinsed with hot water of approx. 100°C to ensure high hygiene standards.


You will receive an additional training for correct operation of ENERGY-O-MAT.

Technical details

Highest quality raw materials

Taste and quality guaranteed by us

ENERGY-O-MAT: A concept that works.




The ENERGY-O-MAT Partner-Leasing variant is a 100% write-off for your business.

»Partner advantage for ENERGY-O-MAT products

Enjoy the benefits of exclusivity. Products of the ENERGY-O-MAT concept are available only to operators.

»Multiple service

A professional training for ENERGY-O-MAT is the prerequisite for proper functioning and durability of the machine. Your customers will thank you for this.


Our telephone service line is also available at any time. Remote maintenance through the new integrated software. We can see what you see. This helps for faster processing of requests.

Technical data


  • Dimensions: 750 mm wide, 1,830 mm long, 865 mm deep

  • Weight: approx 170 kg

  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz

  • Stainless steel boiler

  • Water connection: permanent water connection 3/4“ (1-8 bar)

  • Product selection: Touch screen

  • Product capacity: 2kg


»Product details

  • Container made of food grade PP

  • The boiler temperature is electronically controlled

  • An air vent to reduce moisture from the inside and an additional fume extractor for the dispensing area

  • Illuminated panels and advertising images

  • Removable cup dispenser for easy cleaning

  • Overflow protection

  • Automatic door opener: Not possible to take out before time


with the BodyConvert ENERGY-O-MAT system


  • »Partner agreement for the period of use: 12 – 72 months

  • »Filling the ENERGY-O-MATs with only vending machine-compliant products from the ENERGY-O-MAT brand

  • »Convenient financing through the BodyConvert partner lease option (condition for a positive creditworthiness check). Deposit not required.

  • »BodyConvert Flexibilitäts-Leasing: Gewinnoptimierte Leasingvariante. Leasen statt Kaufen. Sparen Sie Ihr Kapital. Kosten-Nutzen-Rechnung exakt aufgegliedert.