Cool drinks
for between meals


Fitness and diet shake

With real fruit instead of flavouring. Calorie-balanced, high-protein, sugar-free and creamier than ever.

Figure consciousness as well as constant sport activity have become important among women and men. Before or after a workout or as a low-calorie snack - the ENERGY-O-MAT protein shake is a perfect drink for women and men. We offer the fruit shake - freshly prepared and cooled. The recipe is produced according to our wishes and specifications.

With only 144 kcal per shake in the ENERGY-O-MAT Protein Shake you aim a wide target group of all figure- and nutrition-conscious, sports-minded women and men.

Perfect diet drink

For figure-conscious, athletic women and men

Coffee variations

For those who like it hot and are into harmonious coffee pleasure

Perfect coffee pleasure is the secret of the unique feature of the ENERGY-O-MAT coffee. The foundation is already created with careful selection of raw coffee beans. Sensual flavour with harmonic aroma. The right roasting gives it its unique taste. Coffee quality guaranteed.

Give your customers more added value by providing opportunity to enjoy the taste of coffee.


Hot kick
between meals


Taste is what matters at the end of the day! Customers have confirmed this to us.

ENERGY-O-MAT | Eiweißshake
ENERGY-O-MAT | Eiweißshake
ENERGY-O-MAT | Eiweißshake
ENERGY-O-MAT | Eiweißshake



  • Highest quality raw materials

  • Produced in Germany

  • 80g of protein per100 g

  • Lactose-free and high-quality protein multi-component

  • 32g of protein, 0.7g of KH and 0.1g of fat per shake

  • Balanced vitamins and amino acids

  • Valuable BCAAs per serving

  • Allergens: The product is lactose-free, but may contain traces of soy and lactose



  • Made with water, with a milk shake flavour!

  • Freshly prepared

  • Delicious taste

  • Different flavours

  • Gluten-free

  • Aspartame-free

  • Lactose-free

  • Low carb - only 144 kcal per shake

  • Ideal after a work-out

  • Ideal for regeneration

  • Ideal as a low-calorie snack



  • With real fruit, e.g. vanilla beans and chocolate with a high cocoa content

  • Multiple variations are possible

  • Banana 

    • Coconut

    • Coconut Banana

    • Chocolate

    • Chocolate Banana

    • Chocolate Coconut

    • Chocolate Vanilla

    • Wild berry Chocolate

    • Vanilla

    • Vanilla Banana

    • Vanilla Coconut

    • Vanilla Wild berry

    • Wild berry

    • Wild berry Banana

    • Wild berry Coconut

ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | frische Einweißshakes
ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | frische Einweißshakes
ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | frische Eiweißshakes

Hot drink

Harmoniously roasted, and unique in taste

ENERGY-O-MAT | Latte Macchiato
ENERGY-O-MAT | Cappuchino
ENERGY-O-MAT | Kaffee Crema
ENERGY-O-MAT | Espresso

Coffee is a culture that connects and brings people together. Give your customers a new taste experience through pleasure of the product.

Coffee variations


  • Coffee latte

  • Cappuccino

  • Melange coffee

  • Lungo coffee 

  • Power coffee

Coffee roasting


  • Highest quality raw materials

  • Roasted in Austria

  • Allergens: G



  • Coffee at the highest level of enjoyment

    • in 250 ml or

    • in 400 ml as a ToGo variant

  • Freshly prepared

  • Delicious taste

  • Concentration enhancing and uplifting effect

  • Heat-resistant, biodegradable cups

ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | Kaffeevariationen
ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | Kaffeevariationen

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