One name – one mission – one concept


Brand new

24 hours – 7 days a week – around-the-clock: 
low-effort and not depending on personnel increasing your supply to the customer, resulting in additional income.


Taste and efficiency at the highest level with the concept. A protein vending machine and a coffee machine combined in one. Adapted to the requirements of customers by customers.

Thus, you will provide your customers with fitness and other products at the same time – energy kick included.

ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert

High-quality fitness shakes

Relish by a touch.

The delicious protein shakes are refreshing and sugar free. This refreshment is suitable for every moment. Protein shakes are often used as a snack between meals, before or after training. Protein is an important component of the body and helps build muscles as well as preserve them.


Fitness shakes have become part of everyday life and can help people in their diet and in regeneration. One fitness shake from ENERGY-O-MAT contains approx. 144 kcal.

Perfect coffee creations

Pleasure carefully selected.

The right roasting gives it its unique taste. Coffee with guaranteed quality - latte, cappuccino, melange and coffee lungo, power coffee.


ENERGY-O-MAT gives you and your customers the best-selling varieties of coffee around the world.

Offer your customers added value through the diversity and high quality of the products.



  • Fresh taste and quality by a touch

  • Simply, quickly and easily prepared drinks

  • All ENERGY-O-MAT products are also available in the ToGo variant

  • Tailored to the requirements of customers by customers

  • A reliable purchase for operator of a fitness facility, (sports) schools, hotels and/or offices


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Made with water, with a milk shake taste!


The new ENERGY-O-MAT protein is produced in accordance with high criteria: specifically for the ENERGY-O-MAT concept.


  • Unique taste

  • High protein content

  • With real fruit

  • High nutritional value

  • High quality raw materials

  • Low-carb

  • Low-fat

  • Sugar-free

  • Lactose-free

  • Gluten-free

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Provide your customers with additional value by offering them gourmet coffee. ToGo option available. Same cost and same cup. 

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ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | Frische Eiweißshakes
ENERGY-O-MAT von BodyConvert | Kaffeevariationen



  • Fitness and other products from a vending machine

  • 24H stand-by

  • Round-the-clock supply of healthy and fresh snacks

  • High potential of employee and customer loyalty

  • Broad target audience: figure- and nutrition-conscious and/or sports-minded women and men

  • Staff relief


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